Sr. Ancilla Fernandes

Principal's Message

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Human life shines, polished on the stones of adversity at Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre. We consider every adversity as an opportunity to shine. Our children are the beacons that reflect this message.

No person is born great. One becomes great by his deeds, willpower, patience, and perseverance, which helps to overcome ones weaknesses and disabilities to achieve the Goal.

As I glance through the past, Manasa has been catering to so many differently abled children for the past 19 years. It is a great joy to be with these children and render our service.

Children are admitted at the centre irrespective of caste & creed. The syllabus for each individual child is prepared keeping their special abilities in mind. A 7:1 student-teacher ratio is maintained so that the children get the attention and care they require. At present the school strength is 135. Among them 70 are residing in the hostel and 65 are day scholars.We have divided classes into pre - primary, primary, secondary and vocational. This year we have given more stress for computer classes to help the children to get gainful employment and contribute to the family’s income.

Along with academic activities, extra-curricular activities, sports are also given extra importance. It is heartening to see the children perform so enthusiastically in extra-curricular activities. Our children have participated in the international “World Special Olympics” 2011 & 2013 and won 4 Gold medals, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal for the country. Now they are preparing very hard to make a mark in the 2019 edition.

Here at Manasa we also focus on vocational training, especially for children above 18. Skills such as book binding, flower making, tailoring, computer training, candles and phenol making are taught to make the children self sufficient.

Parents of our children actively participate and support all our activities at the school. Parents Teachers Association (PTA)at Manasa is a vibrant body which helps and supports Mansa administration at every step.

The school is able to function so efficiently due to the unconditional support of our management and staff. We have 18 specially trained teachers and 28 non teaching staff who work tirelessly for the betterment of the children.

We are indebted to our donors; people of good will without whose support, things would not be as smooth as they are now. It is heartening to see people celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries with our children and going back with a content heart.

As we continue the God’s special Mission let us through our dedicated service radiate his light to many more special children in the future.

“May God bless us all”

Sr. Ancilla Fernandes. SSpS.