Local Involvement

Manasa Rehabilitation Centre is not just a special school but an integral part of our community. It is the active support of the local people that keeps Manasa going.

Trustees of the institution visit Manasa on a regular basis to oversee its functioning. Kasturba Medical College, one of the premier medical institutions in the country lends its hand by sending doctors and physiotherapists to take care of the medical needs of the special children at Manasa. The support of the Shirva Community Health Centre in case of emergencies is also commendable.

A school such as Manasa brings together various community groups. Just as Catholic Sabha units visit Manasa regularly, interact with the children, and sponsor special meals for the children, Krishna Mutt, Udupi lends a helping hand by supplying 450 kgs of rice every month towards the midday meal of the children.

Different units of Catholic Sabha also contribute in various ways. For instance, every year Catholic-Sabha, Pamboor unit celebrates Children’s Day at Manasa, just as Catholic-Sabha, Shirva unit celebrates Independence Day.

Many social organizations like SVP (St. Vincent De Paul society), Rotary Club and Lions Club help the special children in various ways.

Politicians, moved by the cause, also make personal contributions to Manasa like Local MLA Mr. Vinay Kumar Sorake who donates Rs. 10,000/ every month.

Common people show their support by making it a point to celebrate their joyous occasions of birthdays and anniversaries with the disabled children of Manasa and spreading joy. It is through these big and small kind acts that Manasa today stands tall.