ADDRESS ::A Charitable Trust (R) Regn. No. 70/IV/94-95, Organisers : Catholic Sabha, Udupi/Mangalore Pradesh (R)., Telephone No :: Trust 8277219523 & 7760650145, Website, Email, School :: 8277219524, Hostel :: 8277219712

“Create a better world around us and provide training for a respectful co-existence of neglected ones”


Facilitate the special children towards a happy and self reliant life , by creating conducive conditions, through education, training, employment opportunity, welfare and social security

  • • To impart basic education to children with intellectual disability and mental retardation and to rehabilitate them through appropriate training directed towards the goal of enabling them to lead as independent a life as possible
  • • To provide early identification and intervention service for young children with intellectual disability and mental retardation, so that their capabilities may be optimally utilized
  • • To teach children with intellectual disability and mental retardation income generating skills along with promotion of remuneration activity with the end goal of making them self-dependent and employable
  • • To raise awareness about intellectual disability and mental retardation through parental and societal education
  • • To support and train teaching and non-teaching staff so that children with intellectual disability and mental retardation get the appropriate and best care
Who is less privileged child

Differently Abled people are those with learning difficulties or difficulties adjusting socially for whom these shortcomings interfere with regular growth and development.

What are the ways we can help manasa

Every drop contributes to the ocean. Here at Manasa we welcome any helping hand you can lend to enrich the lives of our children.

  • • You could visit Manasa regularly, interact and get to know the children. Our children are involved in many arts and craft making activities, a little appreciation from you will go a long way in boosting their confidence.
  • • You could volunteer to share or teach skills in your field of expertise or just volunteer to help around in general. Manasa prides itself on providing vocational skills to its students. You could become a part of this endeavor.
  • • You could make a financial contribution. You contribution will help in providing better infrastructure for the children along with customized facilities.
  • • You could help in spreading awareness about Intellectual Disability People are always apprehensive of the unfamiliar; you could help spread awareness about children with Intellectual Disability and the need to be inclusive as a society.
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