German Involvement, from Fr. Jephrin Monis

I am glad to learn that Manasa Rehabilitation and Training centre for the mentally retarded children, in Pamboor, Shantipura, is doing an excellent service by taking care of the special children for the past 20 years after its inception on 14–11-1997. I send herewith my heartfelt congratulations to the lay organization, catholic Sabha of Mangalore and Udupi pradesh, especially the president /Managing Trustee, and other members of the Board of Trustees & managing committee of Manasa, to the principal, Hostel Warden, to the teaching and non – teaching staff, and last, but not least, to all the students, for its rapid growth, Qualitative and Quantitative. It is very gratifying to hear that the centre is doing its best to integrate the mentally retarded children into the mainstream of society by  giving them proper training and evolving good and suitable Rehabilitation programs.

 I am very happy and proud to be one of those who have worked for this institution from the very beginning and contributed immensely for its successful growth by finding timely financial support from many generous people of this great country, Germany. So I got financial support from many generous people of this centre from Misereor and kindermissionwerk, Aachen, Archdiocese of Munich, Diocese of Wuerzburg, from my own diocese of Rottenburg – Stuttgart (Partial teachers salary and one of the Buses), unions and clubs, and specially many parishes of my Deanery. My own Parish, the Holy Trinity, contributed, not only through money, it rendered also great service in popularizing this project - MANASA

Without the hard work of my Parishioners and the financial contribution of all the parishes of my Deanery, the Kindermissionwerk Aachen, would not have come forward to help the construction of Manasa Hostel block and also to purchase one of the Buses. Most of the money was supplied from here.

Hereby I want to thank in a very special way the members of my parish council, the parish secretory Mrs. Erika Janik and the couple Mrs. & Mr. Heidrun and Ulrich Schessl. They have translated and written (still translating and writing…!!!)

Innumerable letters and distributed countless pamphlets. Heidrun and Ulrich organize every year after Xmas, the Carol singing. It is a tough job to get enough children and Altar Boys to go from house to house singing carols and collecting money for Manasa under very cold weather conditions (Sometimes it is minus 18 C ..!!!)

The president of my parish council, Mr. Anton Weber is also the Principal of a inter college in the neighbouring village (Bildungszentrum, WeissachImpatal). His college, students, teachers and parents have contributed till now five lakhs of Rupees (For the digging and the construction of the well), for the solar system to warm the water, for the generator and Kirloskar Engine and for the purchase of Modi Xerox Machine.

Mother RozaKoszarek from Gross Foerste (Usually called Mutter Roza) and her family have taken this project into their hearts and are helping in every possible way to get it popularised. Besides making their own personal contribution, which sums to be a quite big amount, they have inspired many people to help Manasa generously. Though the list of the names here will be too long, I think of every one of them for theit continued help and support, even if it is sometimes only moral.

The last two European visits (1998 and 2000) of Dr. Edward Lobo and his wife have remarkably added to the impetus of this project.  I took them around to meet some of the benefactors, so that they personally thanked them for their generous help and requested them to continue to do so until Manasa becomes self-sufficient or at least manage to live and sustain through the local funds and contributions.

It is very important and I strongly suggest that all the members of the Catholic Sabha, especially the members of the Board of Trustees and the managing committee of Manasa work hard to get enough LOCAL FUNDS to maintain and run this institution successfully and not always depend on the foreign aid. Every effort should be made to get the immediate government recognition and Grant-In-Aid.

I am glad that the Executive Committee of Manasa has decided to expand the hostel to accommodate more poor and needy mentally retarded children, build an over-head water tank to supply abundant water for the school, hostel and garden and eight additional rooms (workshops) for the Vocational Training with necessary equipment and also furnish the school and hostel with needed furniture and othe amenities to make this Rehabilitation and Training Center a standard one.

Thank God! My efforts during the last four months (July-October 2000) seem to have borne some fruits. My Diocese of Rottenburg-Stutgart has already sanctioned the Hostel Expansion Project. My thanks to   Mr. Johannes Bielefeld who understood the need of this expansion. The other projects have been partially sanctioned. I hope that with the incessant prayers of the handicapped children of Manasa, all the projects will be sanctioned by the end of this year and from the beginning of the next year (2001) we can start the work.

I firmly believe that God hears the prayers of our mentally retarded children. Ever since I started to work for this institution, I enjoy pretty good health, although supported with insulin and good medicines. Besides, most of the people, parishes and agencies that I approached for financial support for Manasa, did not directly and immediately disappoint me. So I hope God has blessed this institution and it will go on progressing.

I wish and pray that Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre continues to serve the poorest of the poor handicapped, mentally retarded without the distinction of the Caste, Creed or Religion, enabling them to lead a life of human dignity and self-sufficiency. This institution will certainly contribute very much for the mutual understanding and greater respect for one another’s faith among the people of different religious denominations.

May the good Lord Jesus bless our institution Manasa, all our generous donors, benefactors, well wishes, and all those who relentlessly and untiringly work for the progress of this institution.

God Bless You!!!

Rev. Fr. Jephrin Monis

Parish Priest

Holy Trinity Church, Germany