“It is said that family is the cradle of virtues where the child learns its habits”.

We are happy to introduce that the Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre, for the less privileged has not only the school facilities but also the residential facilities are provided.  The Hostel for the less privileged was started in the year 1997, on 14th November and has flourished and produced much fruits in many ways. As we flash back into 19 years of our existence, we feel proud and happy that, our service which all of us have extended to these special children, has become really a successful event & we feel happy to be part of this Institution.

Hostel plays a great role in the Growth and Development of these children. Once they are admitted here they are observed, cared and taught how to deal with the daily activities like self help skills, personal hygiene, T.V, music, dance, Recreation etc. these activities help them to be more active, free and give them enough freedom to move around. Through their laughter, joy, and the noise around hostel becomes a life giving centre. Most of the children after coming here have improved a lot as ‘expressed’ by their own parents.

The total number of hostelites are 70 out of them are 46 are boys and 24 are girls. At present we have 16 staff members, 3 cooks, 3 hygiene workers, warden and assistant warden 1 watch man etc. they do a great and selfless service for the well being of the inmates. Also we are happy to see the children, who are able to their own management do help the others.

It is a joy for us to see most of the improvements in these children, specially their activeness in many activities. We are also happy to say that most of their behavioral problems have decreased in the hostel. A set of time table is being followed in order to maintain the disciple of the hostel. Daily they rise at 6.00am & does their morning routine work. Then the catholic students are ready to go for Holy Mass in the parish. At 7.30am they have their breakfast followed by study hours 8.30am to 9.30am. From 9.30am to 4.00pm they are engaged in school activities. The lunch break from 12.30 am to 2.00 pm. after the school at 4-15pm the tea & snacks are served to all the students. After tea they are given time for the various games in the ground under the supervision of staff. Alternatively children do the gardening once in a while. At 7.00pm they join for the evening prayers and at 7.30pm have their supper. By 9.00pm they retire to Bed.

The hostel has provided conducive atmosphere for the children due to supervision by the concerned staff members, as a result of this they have excelled in curricular & extracurricular activity. And also for the better fulfillment of the work, we held evaluations with the staff. Many visitors from different parishes, Institutions and also individuals have been here to see the centre and the children. Many of them have appreciated & given positive reports of our work done here in Manasa. Since most of the children come from a very poor economic background which is difficult to meet the daily task, but there are good and generous people who contribute for this children by sharing their resources like money, clothes, meals etc.

We thank all those who have involved in this good service to the less privileged children. We are grateful for the co-operation and the support received. We assure our prayers to all those who have helped us. Let us then render our generous and selfless service to these God’s special ones and work hand in hand for their development.

We express our sincere gratitude to the president and the managing trustees, who have worked hard to make a heavenly place for these children. Specially we appreciate their dedicated service towards the less fortunate children of our society.

Thank you,

Sr. Mary Beck SSpS Warden.