President Speaks

President Speaks

  • “You are not DISABLED by the DISABILITIES you have”

    Profound words spoken by Oscar Bernard Karl Pistorius.

    Our glorious onward march continues - bringing us to yet another milestone this year – the coveted 25th anniversary, the Silver Jubilee of “Manasa”.

    In 1989, a seed was sown by the Catholic Sabha, Mangalore & Udupi Diocese. It germinated and was nurtured by the Holy Spirit Sisters and the committed group of 15like-minded Trustees. Their efforts bore fruit and the results, 25 arduous years later, is there for all to see – the glorious institution of Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre, Pamboor.

    God be praised!

    In today’s fast-paced ‘dog-eat-dog’ world, the differently-abled area neglected lot relegated to the remotest corner of society. Realizing this,and the fact that these children are as precious in the eyes of God as any one of us, each one unique in his or her own way. Manasa has been endeavouring to bring out the best in each of our special children -motivating and nurturing their talents and inner strength, developing in them self-confidence, instilling in them courage to face the real world, guidance in becoming good human beings – all this with the support of family, friends, benefactors, local politicians and our Catholic Church.

    Our benefactors, from far and wide, are a great source of support both morally and monetarily. Boarders and day scholars, teaching and non-teaching staff, religious and lay people make up this great Institution widely known as MANASA.

    It would be unfair to make no mention of the role of the parents. They recognized the special nature of their child, accepted it and reached out to Manasa to take over as foster parents. This takes courage, maturity and genuine love for one’s child. Hats off to the parents of our special children. The management and staff of MRC are grateful to them for imposing faith in our efforts and abilities to bring out the best in their loved ones.

    It has been a constant prayer in my heart and on my lips that this institute of ours grows both in size and stature and that we all remain committed to this purpose. My prayer has been answered and we look forward to celebrating our Silver Jubilee this year but my prayer will not cease here. I will continue asking the Lord to lead us to the Golden Jubilee celebrations, which I know He will do. After all we are doing His work in tending to his precious young ones!

    I will also take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Editorial board of this Souvenir that has been brought out to commemorate this great occasion.

    May Manasa stay Blessed!!