• Rev Fr. Mathew Vas

    Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre, The pride of Catholic Sabah . Manasa Special School Started in the year of 1997 by the catholic Sabah Mangalore & Udupi Pradesh. For Past 19 years, this centre has trained more than 560 children , who are able to lead a better life. There are students from the age from 6 to till 25. Now there are vocationa courses, Namely tailoring, computer class, book binding, craft, flower making etc, Manasa doing a yeoman service to the society.

    I sincerely appreciate and congratulate the staff, the president, secretary and the management for the selfless service the render. The centre has to be strengthened and helped by the catholic Sabha and the General public at large. May God bless this centre abundantly.

  • Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Gonsalvis

    I am very much proud and happy to know the success of MANASA Rehabilitation and training centre of pamboor udupi, which tries to create a better world for a respectful co- existence of less privileged. The Mentally challenge children for 18 years. This is the great venture of catholic lay people of Udupi and  Mangalore  diocese . Besides this centre has qualified and specially trained teachers to take care of training needs of mentally challenged children . Headed by the congregation of “Sisters of the Holy Spirit”. In its very inception of St. Theresa of Kolkata blessed the management committee for their project of joy of loving Jesus in their heart and share the same joy wit all they meet. Many of the special students trained here are able to lead a better and self reliant life.

    MANASA is hailed as the shining star of the catholic laity leaders of catholic Sabha. The present trustee Mr. Henry Menezes and his team is doing a marvelous job to take this institute to its greater heights. Since 2013 I am closely associated with their institution and its administration. Bishop, Most Rev Gerald Isaac Lobo has been a great pillar of support to this school, and wishes by all means to continue it’s as a powerful lay institute of the locality.

    This special school has already made a record in making students of it to participate in the International world of  special Olympics and bagging 4 gold and 3 silver medals for our nation India, I wish and pray that MANASA may powerfully shine and successful years ahead.

  • Joseph Noronha

    It gives me great pleasure to be part of Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre.  The Centre has completed 19 fruitful years of its existence. Through the years the Centre has helped over 500 special children to lead a respectful life in the Society.

    Manasa celebrated 20th Founders day on 14.11.2016 and draws up an ambitious plan for the next 5 years.  In Manasa Special School talents of the children are recognized, nurtured and led to flourish and fruitify. Manasa strives to provide equal opportunity to special children for education, skill building and personality development so as to enable to be contributing members of society. These Special Childrens need to be trained to stand on their own to face challenge of the time. Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre, Pamboor, Udupi is dedicated to educate and take care of special children hailing from all sections of the society in and around who require all kinds of support.  We have lot of satisfaction that we could render service to the large number of special children in the society.

    Special Thanks to Kindermissionswerk and all the donors of Germany, Rev.Fr.Jephrin Monis Germany, Rev.Fr.Augustine Mendonca Canada, and all donors in India and abroad for their generous financial support.

    My sincere thanks to  Most.Rev.Dr.Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi Diocese for continued support and guidance, for the selfless and dedicated service of sisters of Holy Spirit Congregation, all the Trustees, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.  


  • Mr. Valerian Fernandes,

      It is my immense pleasure to write about our esteemed School MANASA REHABILITATION & TRAINING CENTRE (MRTC) Pamboor, Udupi.  This institution created a history in just 20 years. Hundreds of specially challenged and differently abled children’s are educated here and made them fit to settle down in their life.

       There is a saying that “A Child with special needs will inspire you to be a special kind of person”.  Yes, Whenever I visit Manasa these feelings are emanating from my heart.  Our community leaders and staff of Manasa School doing extra-ordinary work to take care of these children.

      Catholic Sabha Udupi Pradesh (R) an association having 11500 members visit and help frequently in the process of running and development of this Institution. Catholic Sabha leaders and likeminded people were instrumental in forming this care centre with the sole intention of rehabilitation of these children and take extra care to make them fit and compete with normal people.  Because of the dedication and commitment of our past leaders the dream of forming this institution came true.

      Now our duty is to do something to these children of Manasa Centre so that we can do Good Work on this earth.  So come together and strengthen our Children at Manasa Rehabilitation and training Centre at Pamboor, Udupi.

  • Rev. Fr. Jephrin Monis

    With immense joy and gratitude to God I send my Greetings of Felicitation and Prayerful Wishes  on the occasion of 20th anniversary of Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre, Pamboor in the diocese of Udupi.

    Due to the hard work of all responsible for the smooth and successful running of this Institution in the last 20 years, today it has become well known in the whole Region as the best institution for the handicapped children (what’s the other word ?).

    I thank in a very special way the Holy Spirit sisters( Principals and Wardens -previous and present), Teachers, other Helpers and workers, Catholic Sabha Managing Committee, specially its first and founding director Dr. Edward Lobo for his selfless and  untiring service.

     I want  to  thank and place on record all the Benefactors of Germany (Schools, Parishes, Dioceses, Agencies like Kindermissionswerk / Holy Childhood, Missio, Misereor and above all, very many individuals who contributed generously  to start this great Institution. They are all very happy  that their sacrifices have borne good fruits and many under privileged children have got good physical, medical care and education.

     May God bless all who worked till today and working in the future for this Institution, all its Inmates, day-scholars, teachers and others. May this Institution continue serving the poor and less privileged children for many years to come. Once again, Congratulations and Prayerful best wishes on the occasion of 20th Anniversary of this great school Manasa.

                        God bless you all.